Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am pathologically lazy. I cannot focus on working on a project till I finish it. I start out good then I finish really bad. This blog has been my nth attempt at putting up one. I've always wanted to have one because some of the brilliant ideas and insights I have (emphasis on some) are really good and I regret not putting them in writing. Anyway, I can't really tell if they're good because they have not seen the light of blog-day.

So, today I made a resolve to stick to writing an entry a day. I changed the name of this blog from "Medias Res," indicating how I wanted to get away from the boring task of introducing myself and giving a sweeping account of my lost blog years and instead jump right into the heart of action, to "Blog A Day" subtitled with something that reminds me my best years are not forever (but if you watch the movie Proof you'll be depressed when you reach 23 and you haven't really achieved anything substantial, at least.)

I got the inspiration of this blog's new title from another blogger. I'm not a stalker of this particular blogger, but his blog subheading caught my attention and got me started writing this entry regardless of its incoherence or lack of style. After reading an entry of his entitled "The Value of Work," I just wanted to hit the keyboards and start blogging away. I didn't think much about the correctness of my words, I just wanted to thaw my brain and write things down.
One of the reasons that keeps me from writing regularly is my pathetic perfectionism. My inner critic appears to be greater than me. Every a word I write gets criticized before they even get typed. My words are like flimsy snowflakes that disappears before they touch the ground. I correct and edit myself too much to the point that I end up not writing anything. It is really emabrrassing, but after swearing to myself that would no be ashamed of anything about myself, I'm gonna spew them here: I've been meaning to create a blog since I was in third year college, and that was four years ago. Imagine the amount of thoughts and ideas that slipped away. I could have written a book in that four years!

But, like what Paul says in the Bible, we have to forget the past things and reach forward to what's ahead of us. So, I'm going to finish this entry no matter what because that's what's ahead me, it always has been there. I was just too lazy to act and too scared to make a mistake. But, now that I'm nearing a quarter of my life (if I get to live tomorrow), I can feel the days slipping fast. I don't want to live with regrets. I want to make things happen.
So, cheers to this revived blog and I hope to see you from this day on. Blog a day! Blog away!
To infinity and beyond!

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